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Matemade Music is a full service music agency based in Amsterdam. Dedicated to deliver dynamic, custom made music. We tailor ourselves to the unique needs of individual projects and we hope the next one is yours! Proudly providing an unparalleled bang for your buck from concept to completion of your project.


Why Matemade Music?

We have also looked closely at other music agencies. Most are bigger, but we don’t envy them. We’re proudly and deliberately small. Truthfully, the only thing we do aspire to be big are your ideas and courage, which we are never willing to compromise on.

Matemade Music is independent. We believe in meaningful relationships and in our tightly-knit, always-on, worldwide community of best-in-class talent. From established songwriters to music composers, from spoken word artists to street musicians, we’ll hit the right note.

Ultimately, our team enables us to be more dedicated to the task at hand. No communication lost in translation or too many cooks spoiling the broth. Come tell us what’s on your mind. We look forward to collaborate with you!