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24/7 BZ

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24/7 BZ

Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Track ID - 24/7 BZ Travel App


A campaignfilm for the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs promoting the '24/7 BZ Travel-App' providing you with all information you need for a safe trip wherever you might go!


The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs (BZ) provides a wide range of information and services for Dutch travellers abroad. From foreign travel advice through our app and website to a phone number that you can call 24/7 if you get in trouble or need support.

So - wherever you are in the world, our services are always with you, right by your side. To explain this, meet Sam! Turns out no matter where Sam goes, there's always a camera! So Sam can explain all there is to know about the 24/7 BZ services.


'We're there for you wherever, whenever and for whatever.

Any questions?'


Film Production Matemade
Advertisement Agency The Oddshop
Creative Directors Robert van der Lans, Niels de Wit
Directed by Rakhal Heijtel & Ruurd Vulink
Director of Photography Rakhal Heijtel & Ruurd Vulink
Production / Camera Assistant Niels Gross
Local Producers Başak Layiç, Paul Emous, Alit Vj, Diogo Camargo, Rafael Salles
Post Production Matemade
Music Jorrit Kleijnen