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Across the room

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Flight of the Phoenix

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Across the room

Matemade Music

Track ID | Flight of the Phoenix


Music transcends all boundaries.

It’s a form of communication that exceeds space and time, touching the hearts of people worldwide. With just one note, a shred of hope, happiness and even sadness can be transmitted from one soul to the next.

Music composed by Sjoerd Jansen and rearranged to be executed by renowned musicians from the comfort of their living room. Homemade by Matemade films ;)


When life happens inside the box, imagination can still come out

MMM – Harp 2
MMM – Viool 3


Doriene Marselje’s career as a solo harpist includes performances in some of the most prestigious concert halls in The Netherlands, including Muziekgebouw, De Doelen and Dr. Anton Philipszaal and in various countries around Europe. She has made frequent appearances on Dutch National TV and on NPO 4 radio channel.


Wel known for here great diversity, Tessel Hersbach has collaborated with many international artists, both in the classical, as well as the contemporary music world.

MMM – Fluit
MMM – Bas 2


Delaney is a gifted musician and multi-instrumentalist, who learned his craft both at the Conservatory of Amsterdam and Utrecht. He is a Jazz Piano major who also plays the flute, saxophone and bass. Funk, Jazz and Soul are imbedded in his genes and are at the root of his playing style.


Ronald is a bass player touring with several bands and musicians all over the world. He played with major stars as Bif Jay McNeely and star blues guitarist Ruben Hoeke, clocking in at about 180 to 200 gigs per year.


Produced by Matemade
Composed by Sjoerd Jansen
Violin Tessel Hersbach
Trompet Gidon Nuñes Vaz
Guitar Paulo Martins
Flute Delany Nelom
Bass Ronald de Jong
Harp Doriene Marselje
Piano Sjoerd Jansen
Special thanks to Het Concertgebouw