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Play Every Day

Mr. Marvis

Play Every Day


“When we create a campaign image we make sure all ingredients are present. Great models, good vibe and perfect shorts, of course. But also an amazing setting and the right props are of great importance. Here we visited a stunning estate between Catania and Syracusa, Sicily and arranged a marvellous red 1962 Alfa Romeo Giuletta Spider Veloce. Great ingredients make a great campaign image…"⁠

Did you know that in Italian, the word Vespa means wasp? Pretty good name if you ask us! Both the shape of the ultra-convenient invention and the sound of its engine make you think of the small striped black-and-yellow creature. A Vespa truly is the best way to discover both large Italian cities and smaller ancient towns, just like we did here in beautiful Ortigia.
Gelato! Best after fresh arancini or pasta and a glass of Sicilian red wine - Nero d’Avola of course. For dessert, you can either go light & refreshing with ice cream on the go, or go all the way with Cannoli Siciliani: crunchy dough tubes filled with sweetened ricotta topped with chopped pistachio. Mama mia! Our tip is to visit Caffè Sicilia in Noto for the best cannoli!
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For this campaign we went all out on the music

Using only professional session musicians  to record a live bluesy big band score

The result is edgy, vintage and unique

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Gidon Nunes Vaz - Trumpet


Timo Menkveld - Drums

Delaney Nelom - Piano


Client Mr. Marvis
Production Company Matemade
Music Agency Matemade Music
Music Composer & Producer Sjoerd Jansen
Saxophone Sebastian Ohm
Double Bass Jochem van der Wal