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Plastic Sailors

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How big is the problem of plastics in the ocean and what could we do to solve it? In these series Hanna Verboom sets sails with By The Ocean We Unite to find out more about this problem.

We documented the experiences of Hanna and the crewmembers (scientists, researchers and journalists) in the series 'Plastic Sailors'. The sersies is a follow-up on the campaign #STOPMETPLASTIC from National Geographic.

As an ambasador Hanna did serveral interviews with Dutch orginisations who fight agains plastic pollution. She also spoke to Karl Beerenfenger, expeditionleader of By The Ocean We Unite. He invited her to go on expedition to Denmark. She said yes, and these series came out as an result!

Plastic Sailors | day 2

The scientific research has started: how much (micro)plastic is there in the Baltic Sea?

Plastic Sailors | day 3

Hanna talks to environmetal scientist Fosca Poltronieri about here opinion on the plastic pollution.

Plastic Sailors | day 4

After af night of shifts it's time to go on land and do a beach cleanup.

Plastic Sailors | day 5

Hanna talks to the adventurous Kiko Matthews. What does she take away from this expedition?


Directed by Hanna Verboom
Shot & Edited by Niels Gross
Music by Tristan Visser
Co-created by Cinetree
Gfx Mark van Marwijk