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Track ID | Talisman - Rituals


At Rituals, the five main categories in their new collection of eau de parfum are Fresh, Floral, Sensual, Wood and Oriental. Matemade Music created the sound for this unique collection

A collaboration between Soulvizion and Matemade Music is a great recipe for success. After working on the Porsche and DFNS project together we were contacted by Soulvizion once again to create a one of a kind track for their new Rituals Talisman commercial. Keywords for this film were ‘class’, ‘beauty’, and ‘exclusivity’, so of course the music should possess these same elements as well.

Rituals 2

In our first draft of the music we decided to sail an unexpected course . No big orchestra, dramatic strings or massive beats to drive the video, but go musically small and classical. Just a duet for piano and violin, having a conversation together. The vulnerability and space that was created in the music sounded elegant and classy, while also leaving a lot of space for the beautiful images in the video to shine.

Although this hit some of the right notes, we weren’t quite there yet. The music lacked a certain push/drive and didn’t lift the film up enough to completely satisfy. We started taking the piano/violin duet as a foundation, but added a drumbeat and synth bass to gain some drive and a more modern feel. We thickened up the sound some more with extra key’s and sampled percussion. Lastly the sounddesign would play a crucial role in the overall track. By creating an instrumental sounddesign that is linked to the music, it became the ‘glue’ that tied the music and the video together.


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