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Music Production

They say music is the goosebump-maker. Hard to argue with. Music is embedded in everything we do. From collaborations with recording artists, to conducting orchestra’s for scoring and intricate sound design – we have it all covered, sonically.

Music Compositions & Licensing

Thankfully, no two projects are the same, and there’s never only one way to go. Every project has its own specific musical needs and wishes. That’s why we’ve created our ‘Bespoke’, ‘Made To Measure’, and ‘Off The Rack’ packages. Each one will set a different path for creating music for you.


Bespoke Music

Bespoke music; Every note tailored to perfection. We’ll create every melody from scratch, using real instruments and musicians only, that’s a promise. No pre-produced samples or internal digital instruments will be used. Every instrument included in the sound is played by a professional musician, selected specifically for the project. We’ll create the real authentic music experience, using our extended network of musicians, orchestra’s, vocalists and session players from our own carefully created database. From classical movie-scoring, to a boutique jazz combo session; we have it all covered, sonically.


Made To Measure

Made To Measure; Offers the perfect sweet spot in music production. Our composers will create music from scratch using every available tool we have. From digital pre-produced samples, to recording live audio sessions. Together we’ll find the best possible sounds and look at all the recording options, to find that sweet spot to fit your musical needs. Using a combination off real and sampled audio will give a realistic and authentic feel and sound, whilst also saving productions time (and costs).


Off The Rack

Off The Rack; Fast, elegant and modern style. We have created a efficient way to create music, without losing our authentic sound. So much can be done digitally and with Off The Rack we’ll go deep into our libraries of pre produced samples and find the perfect sounds for the music. Not recording real instruments and working with other musicians means saving a lot of production time and being able to adjust on the spot. This is the perfect package for a fast and efficient workflow, that’s open for quick fixes and adjustments, whilst keeping a great sound and musical tone.